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About the author...

     The Rev.Richard H. Elwood, and MARTIN, moved to Fredericksburg when he became interim rector of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church the first Sunday in February, 2005. He had retired from ‘active ministry’ Sunday,  January 30, just one week before. What was to be an assignment of a year or so ended up being almost five years. Their final service at St. Barnabas was Easter, 2010. 
     Dick Elwood was ordained in the Episcopal Church in June of 1966 and has served 45 years in the ministry of the Episcopal Church.  
     Martin Elwood was born February 14, 2000 in Weslaco, Texas. Dick and his wife Jane, got Martin the day after Easter that year and he has been with them ever since. He has been a blessing to them and to countless others who have encountered him along the way. As he says, ‘all I have ever known is love, isn’t that the way it should be?’

About the illustrator...

     ​Riley Cohn is a sixth grade student at Fredericksburg Middle School. She lives with her parents, her sister Sydney and her 7 dogs, Scooter, Bobbaloo, Schmitty, Chancho, Rosie, Starsky and Hutch, on five acres outside of Fredericksburg. She enjoys drawing, eating popsicles, making drip castles at the beach, and swimming in the ocean water when it is cold. She is an amazing talent with the gift of capturing a person’s true essence in the simplest of strokes. Her gift of Autism has given her the ability to see the good and beauty in all. 
     What a magical gift, don’t you think?